Heat: renewable fuels


Like to keep it Local ?

We are offering New England Wood Pellets

Warm Front is the same specifications as Newp’s premium pellet. Available in bags at our garden center or loaded by the ton directly into your truck or trailer. We also deliver with in a 35 minute radius from our store.

Have no time? Injured or a bad back? We will deliver and hand stack for you.

Ask about pricing for our hand stacking to a location of your choice.

Do you prefer 100% hardwood? Try Geneva Wood Pellets now under the acquisition of Lignetics.

Geneva is relatively new to us but repeat sales are strong !

No Pellets stove? Don’t want to invest

in one? We can help.


Neatly stackable Bio Blocks for your fireplace or wood stove or cook stove. Pick-up tons or packages or delivered and stacked. Call for a Quote.